Classwar Karaoke Solo Guitars Vol I

by Classwar Karaoke

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A.H. Fork / The impertinence of peeping at her black veil / A.H.Fork — errorandsound guitar and laments / Recorded June 2015

Anthony Donovan / Goya Moog For Øystein Jørgensen / recorded June 2015 / acoustic guitar, guitar pick-up, contact mic, dictaphone, electronics, running water, objects, voice

Berthelot / Extraction de Boiseries Sixcordiennes

Carlos Ferrao / Goshawk / taken from the album Gerês / Recorded January 2015 / While in Lisbon a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to record for a morning at the excellent Scratchbuilt Studios. It came out of the blue, so I had no material to speak of (and barely any guitar gear with me) but still felt I should give it a go and not miss the opportunity. The four tracks in Gerês are all live takes, improvised on the spot with no overdubs just some cropping here and there. They all have the same mood which I'm sure came from the room, the city the room is in, the time of the year, and so on.Hope you enjoy it. I'll revisit the solo format with some more preparation soon enough

Cousin Silas / The Edifice / recorded June 2015 / Strat with a Fishman Tripleplay Pickup. Using a PC via Reaper / one take, live in the studio

Crank Sturgeon / Summing Solstice Numbing Seven / Solo guitar, June 2015 /

Daniel Heikalo / Autour de Deux Notes /

Hopek Quirin / On a Balcony 06 / played on a rainy sunday morning on a Berlin balcony

JOHN 3:16 / The Black Horse / JOHN 3:16 is the solo project of Philippe Gerber /

John Jasnoch / Pancrelegy for Amplified 12 String Guitar /

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen / Cloud Chamber / prepared electric guitar improvisation, digital processing, live recording / June 2015

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt / One Small Piece / music by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

Cover artwork by Anthony Donovan


released June 26, 2015




Classwar Karaoke Northampton, UK

Classwar Karaoke is best known for an ongoing series of groundbreaking quarterly surveys of experimental music & film, published via FMA & YouTube. These latest full-length releases form part of a crowdfunding initiative, aimed at financing physical releases. Classwar Karaoke was founded by Anthony Donovan in 2008, with Jaan Patterson joining in 2010. ... more

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